Reflection of Self


Our birthday and day of death will both be found on our grave in bold right beneath our name, but the most important aspect is the dash that separates it. What did you do in the time that you were given? Did you do all the things that you set out to believe, or did you let other people’s disposition influence your course of actions?

We have the power to control almost everything about ourselves, excluding: Race and gender, color and creed, family, and the way we look, those we can’t change. So why do we let others influence us to make decisions and actions that we’re not so sure about? Why do we put so much trust into people that don’t have our best interests in mind? Why are we so quick to take, but reluctant to give? Or Vice a Versa. Our minds are a sanctuary, yet we act without thinking. God gave us one mind and body, yet we think and talk so much about those around us. We have hundreds and thousands of friends on social media, yet our true friends can be counted on one hand, or two if you’re lucky. So, I deleted my connection from all social media outlets, because me… I wasn’t made for that shit. Though I’m back now for a whole different reason….What that reason is? you’ll have to follow along through this journey with me to find out. I got it all planned