Letter on the Armenian Genocide



Dear Scholars, historians, heads of state’s, EU, Nato and all international organizations,

101 years ago today, the world marked the start of the Armenian Genocide. Orders were given to detain and exterminate the Armenian intellectuals of Istanbul. Hung in public as a way to initiate fear amongst the Armenian and Christian Populations of the Ottoman Empire on their ancestral homelands, we knew all too well what fate we would all share together. Let’s get this straight, I hate it when people only refer to the Genocide of 1915 as an example of oppression and atrocities against my people. 20 years before that in 1895, we were subjected to the Hamidyan Massacre, which claimed the lives of 400,000 people. Long before that, we have been subjected to many similar occurrences of forced mass deportations, slaughter, theft, and cultural and religious oppression. Surrounded by hostile neighbors and imperialistic fantasies, we have been a constant victim and target, while also represented as a pond to the bigger picture. I can go on and on about the facts, double dealings, treachery, and nightmares of this event, however I will choose not to. We no longer need to defend our stance and facts about history. We no longer need an apology from you, or rather an admission of guilt. These things no longer interest us. They are obsolete. How can we expect the oppressor and suspect of such a horrific and treacherous act to accept this fate a century after the fact? They’ve already gotten away with it for so long, why would they admit it? You even caught the demon responsible for it red handed, and then you let him go.  No ambassador serving in the Ottoman Empire for their respective nation could have altered your decisions as they were calling for your help to save a nation from extinction. You simply felt that having the Turks as an ally would be far more important than stepping in to help an unimportant group of people with nothing to offer you. Ambassadors were writing to you in grave detail of the torture, slaughter, rapes, mass graves, and government induced hatred, propagated amongst the Armenian and Christian population. They used World War 1 as a cover of their true intentions, extermination of the minority to create a “turkey for turks”. Well, a few years later in 1923, that’s exactly what they got, after of course wiping out the Assyrians, Greeks, Chaldeans, Aramaeens, and Syriacs of the land.

The government perpetrated ethnic cleansing, mostly by using Kurdish bandits, prisoners, and local citizens to carry out the attacks by granting them concessions and allowing them to obtain our land, homes, and belongings. Well, 101 years later, the Turks are now getting rid of them(Kurds) and performing a silent genocide in the same lands they murdered my ancestors in cold blood. Did I mention this is taking place in present day turkey? ISIS? I wonder who that could be. Don’t let the mask and black clad fool you. They supply their intel, buy their oil, supply their weaponry, their fighters, and even use their own creation as a bargaining chip in a political context. The EU refugee deal? Are you stupid enough not to realize they are the ones expelling the refugees from their respective nation, forcing them into Turkey? If so, are you still stupid enough to think they are not the ones shipping them off the coast of Turkey onto Europe? If so, are you still stupid enough to cut deal and grant concessions for these people? I hope you understand exactly what you have done World. We know what you’ve done, but unfortunately you do not. You want to go after ISIS Mr. Obama? Why then deal with the nation who, with an overwhelming amount of evidence, not only supports ISIS, but is ISIS. Instead of antagonizing Russia and Iran to feed into the hands of the Saudis and Turks, why don’t you let the people of the region which has seen this same occurrence for over a millennium, explain to you what’s going on. You enter the middle east and then retreat the boots, indirectly forming the terrorist groups to thrive. You entered Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan, and a number of other countries because “their leaders are dictators and killing their own people”, only to have al- Qaeda and ISIS spawn and seize territory. Let me ask you a simple question. Mr. President…Who was your common ally in all three wars? Turkey. Who allowed the use of their air base to launch your attacks on? Turkey. Who did you consequently share your intel with while launching these attacks? Turkey. Any idea of who may have propped up these proxy armies? Turkey. Subsequently, you had to agree on a range of agreements with Turkey, sending them weapons, protection, money, and the worst of all, bowing down to the masters of deception, only for them to send all those resources to their brothers fighting for ISIS.

Shame on you. Shame on you all. You have completely ruined the whole world with your acceptance of denial and slaughter, only to deny the truth and peace. Shame on you Germany, and your stupid puppet Angela Merkel. It was you who fucked us over in the GENOCIDE of my people, and aligned with Turkey in the War. Shame on you Russia for ceding our western territories to the Turks after we fought and lost our lives after we were already suffering from the post effects of the Genocide. You are the ones who used us a pond in your bitter rivalry with the turks. After that, your forces retreated a battle in which they started,  leaving the Armenians in the region(civilians) to helplessly get eradicated with no weapons, leaders, money and men all slaughtered or confiscated. At the same time, you created two new republics never before heard of with the land of the Armenians, surrounding us on both sides by our enemies. Enemies you helped us make. Thank you. The first towns that Isis ever entered and started their brutal campaign were Armenian populated cities in both Iraq and Syria, let through from the Turkish Border. Their “ISIS Attacks” are really attacks on civilians and PKK militants. They have lied to you all.  They have lied to their people. They will continue to lie and cheat and steal and loot as long as they want. Because never once have you condemned their actions, or called them out on it. They are worried about ISIS suicide bombs on their territory? Which turk has died in the bombings? You mean the bombing in Suruc at a Kurdish rally to rebuild Kobane? Or the bombing in Istanbul that killed 102 at another Kurdish rally supporting the HDP. Or the 4 Isreali, American, Iranian tourists a month ago? Or the 10 German touists to months ago? Which turk has died? After this however, you sent them weapons, money and have vowed to protect them as a Nato ally. The most shameful however, is the United States of America. You were the guarantors of the protection of Armenia, under the treaty of Sevres’, giving us only a small portion of our land back, however 10 times bigger than the Armenia we have today. You knew the Turks didn’t oblige to their commitments and continued their dirty deeds, as President Woodrow Wilson tried tooth and nail to save us and enter on our behalf for our protection. It was voted No in the House of Representatives by a resounding 52 of 53 members, deeming we were too unimportant of a people to risk  “American lives” on the ground. Lives who were built upon immigration. Instead you invited us as refugees to your country, paving the way for many of the inventions and achievements in American Society. Even the Nuclear Weapons in both the Soviet Union and U.S were created by an Armenian. The MRI was invented by an Armenian. Also,  color television, the color and material of our currency, the radio and many more of things we not only use on a daily basis, but are also essential to human survival and evolution. You trusted us with these inventions, and look where that got you. How come you can’t trust us when we tell you the story of our ancestors slaughter? Oh wait, it’s not that you don’t trust it, its just Turkey is too important of an ally in the fight against terrorism. Terrorism created and sponsored by your so called “ally”. I get it. Maybe one day you will realize that not only was this an appeal for our ancestors and our people today, but we are pushing this issue, protesting, and breathing simply to save the rest of the world from ever experiencing the tragedies and atrocities that continue to haunt us every day. We learned never to trust anyone else for anything. We learned that only within our own values and teachings, we can achieve peace and sanctity. Only we can help ourselves, and that’s all we ever need. The only thing I ask of you(international community), is that when we are attacked again, you do not sit silent and enter to help them eradicate us. It is not only the Armenians who share this fate at the hands of the Ottoman. We along with a countless amount of nations stand in solidarity with each other, and will avenge the souls lost. Just make sure this time you’re on the right side of the conflict. We must unite all over the world for the common sense practices of humanity. People want us to forget and move on, but which part would you like us to forget? The blood? The trickery? The silence from the outside community? Our churches, homes, schools, cultural facilies and etc being burnt to the ground? The erasing of our history? Or the fact that the government teaches their history backwards and creates enmity amongst its neighbors to help support their lie? The rapes of our precious women? The DNA you stole from us? WE will never forget,  not for one second. I just hope you’re ready to face the monster you have created. Today, a sad day for the entire world, we mourn the loss of all the victims of this genocide with a very heavy heart. Fuck your apology and Fuck your admission. I hope youre ready.