Following Your Dreams



The most important realization you must come to and learn to accept, is the amount of time necessary to pursue and truly understand and perfect that in which you are doing. Whether it be a position you wish to reach in the company/career you are in, a business you plan to or already have started, making it on to the school basketball team, or simply succeeding and progressing on a daily basis; you must stick it out and conquer the obstacles coming your way…take advantage of the time. Time is funny as it can be your best friend or your worst enemy depending on how you use it. Don’t kill time, rather use it wisely. Understand what it is that you want and start working towards it. Remember, things that come easy and quick usually fade, but those that come through years of hard work and preparation always last. Moving on…


Patience is a direct result of time . It’s something you must to come to grips with as it significantly builds character. Think about it for a second. Imagine working on something for so long without seeing any gains or feedback from it: What in turn will drive you? Is it the LOVE AND PASSION for your craft? Is it all the people throughout your life that told you that you couldn’t do it? Is it a promise you made to yourself and/or others? Or is it the thought of what IF? What if this could work. What if I really do have what it takes to reach my dream. That thought and hope alone is enough to drive you each and every second of every day. But you will never know if you give it up too soon. Stay patient, stay ready, and stay learning. Open up your mind and let the rest follow.


Throughout my life from parents to teachers to coaches, the majority have told me to make realistic goals. Something that you can reach without wasting time chasing the impossible. I think that’s a load of bull. What kind of advice and motivation are you trying to give? I think the opposite. Set your goals so high that you doubt and contemplate the magnitude of it. Set them so high that if you were to tell someone about it, they would laugh in your face for even thinking you could do it. On the contrary don’t tell them, just do it. Come up with a set of goals and devise a plan to get what you want. Anything is possible. Your limit starts and ends wherever you set it.


The most important piece to the puzzle, Persistence. Chances are you will not succeed right away. Obstacles will come your way that will have you questioning if it’s really worth it or not. Is it worth the struggle? Is it worth the edginess and restlessness that something of such magnitude might bring? Well, that’s for you to decide. If you are going to give up easily, Why do it? Stick to it, perfect it, learn your strengths and improve upon them. Figure out your weaknesses and abolish them. Keep practicing every day and get better even if the outcome is unfulfilling. Take steps towards your goal whole heartedly and consistently. It will only be a matter of time before the pieces start coming together. Persistence is key and commitment is everything. Get to work, drown out the doubt, and I’ll see you at the top!